Gray Receives "Excellent" District Report Card Rating

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

“There is something special going on in the hallways at Gray”

The 2019 district report card ratings show Gray Collegiate Academy with an “Excellent” rating, the highest in school history. Gray’s rating is the highest in their district, The Charter Institute of Erskine, joining only 5 other midlands high school schools with an “Excellent” rating.

The S.C. Department of Education released the report card ratings Tuesday.

The academic gains in ratings show Gray Collegiate Academy is succeeding at record levels, with Excellence in graduation rate, 99.2 %, while the state average is 81.1% and a district average of 58.9%, respectively. In the 2019 graduating class, 41% of students held a 4.0 grade point average or higher and 6% earned Palmetto Fellows Scholarship.

Dr. Brian Newsome, Principal at Gray, says, “We have many things to celebrate at Gray, but most importantly, I am happy that my faculty and staff will receive the attention they deserve. They work hard daily to help our students achieve success. We have wonderful students and families at Gray, and they appreciate high expectations and accountability. The significant increase in overall performance is a testament to our mission; to have a small, safe, family centered learning environment and we are providing that to all families at Gray”.

The news of this achievement comes at a great time for Gray, as October 1 is the start of new enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year. Parent forums are listed on their website,, so parents can learn more about Gray and how to become a student. Dr. Newsome continues, “We have already had a great response to the first day for new enrollment. The word is out that we provide great educational opportunities, and now this achievement is further evidence of that expectation”.