Student Insurance

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

This is an important message for ALL students, not just athletes. We have partnered with Insurance Management Group who is offering a secondary insurance policy for students and student athletes. With this pandemic going on I think that this would be great to have if you are an athlete or student. Most of the insurance policies are under $30 that cover the student for that sport or again if they are just a student. I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE all our student athletes to sign up for this policy. If they were to suffer an injury, this insurance would give you coverage above what you may currently have. You can't beat it for $29. Football is more expensive and pricing is on the website but it is worth the peace of mind. Click on the link and follow the steps to sign up. We will also post the link on our athletic website.

1. Go to

2. Select “enrollment”

3. Choose “current school year”

4. Type “Gray” and select “South Carolina”

5. Complete Student information

6. Select coverage you prefer

a. Football is $171/$284,

b. Other Sports and students are “At School Accident” $29/$37

c. “24 hr accident” $105/$154

7. Select continue at the bottom of the page

8. Complete personal info

9. Complete warranty form

10. Then go to “continue to payment”

11. Register with “K&K”

12. Pay for the plan directly on the website

Here is an excerpt explaining multi-sport athletes and the 24 hour coverage. All school

sports, including middle school football, is covered under “at school” coverage ($29). High school football is the only sport that has separate coverage ($171) and it only covers play and practice of high school football. If a high school football player plays other sports, they would also need “at school” ($29). 24 hour also covers school sports except high school football in the event the parent would like injury coverage at home, on vacation, etc… ($105)